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Stephanie Jensen of Advance with Stephanie Jensen


I am more than a survivor, I thrive. Life isn’t easy and I got a good dose of that when I was born 6 weeks premature weighing 4 founds and an underdeveloped suckling ability in a rural hospital under everything to handle such a case. In 1975 there weren’t a lot of opportunities for NICU’s. My parents took a gamble and took me home and force-fed me formula until I was able to take a bottle. A fighter was born.

To say life wasn’t easy would be an understatement, but I didn’t seem let too much get me down. Through many years of sexual abuse as a child and a teen, abandonment from my extended family for speaking the truth and a slew of toxic and abusive relationships, I survived, but was nowhere near thriving.

It wasn’t until years after I was married with a young son that all my “surviving” broke me. I was suffering through, accepting my lot in life, but deep down I was becoming hungry for something more, but I didn’t know what it was. I just knew that I wasn’t ok with surviving. Then it happened, I had a life-altering injury and an emotional breakdown in  2012, that left me yearning to know more about myself and my purpose in this life. I needed to know who I AM and why I am here. So I embarked on studies with the Robbins Mandanes Institute for Strategic Intervention. It was there that I discovered that my passion for people living fulfilling lives extended much further than the limitations of the physical body. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I needed to design a more holistic, body/mind/spirit approach to my current bodywork practice.


So I went back to school and became certified in practical and human needs psychology, neurolinguistics programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, nonverbal communication, and strategy planning and execution. In  December 2013, I earned my certification as a Strategic Intervention Coach. Those are a lot of big words. In other words, I became obsessed with personal growth, relationships, and fulfillment.

Several years into my coaching practice I decided to take things up a notch spice up everything and became a Certified Fire Walk Instructor. In 2016 I spent a week with the Master Fire Walkers F.I.R.E (Fire Institute of Research and Education) successfully walking across fire for more than 120 times and earning my instructors certificate.

Today I dedicate my life and practice to empowering people just like you to unleash their fullest potential and live the life they feel they were born live.

Even when I am not “working” I am obsessed with personal growth time. When I am away from the office I very much enjoy my quiet me time but I also love spending quality time with the loves of my life, my husband and my son. We enjoy many things life has to offer from traveling the world to simple days camping by the river or volunteering at our local soup kitchen (I also believe a fulfilling life isn’t possible without service above self. The act of unconditional love.) I also love spending time with my best girlfriends and creating new and exciting adventures that exemplify a life truly lived.


How would your life change if you could use your experiences to tap into your full potential?

Let's discover the possibilities!