3 Ways To Avoid Back To School Stress

The school year starts in…

NEED HELP PREPARING? Every year it seems like the same old routine, I tell myself that I am going to start with back to school shopping and prep at the beginning of the summer and every year I would find myself struggling at the last minute to get everything on the list.

I would frantically go through all the leftovers at Walmart, freaking out that I couldn’t find the Ticonderoga pencils or Twistable Crayola colored pencils. I’d hysterically check items off my list and dart to the next store or next town until I either completed the list or gave up altogether head home then […]

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The Real Healing Work: Integration


I spent twelve years in the healing practice of body work, focusing on medical massage and hypnotherapy. That work was powerful, and I still rely on it today — but eventually I realized something that completely transformed my practice.

You cannot heal your body if you don’t heal your mind, spirit, and emotions.

That’s why I transitioned into coaching. I discovered that body work just isn’t enough. Sure, I can move your muscles. I can bring you closer to healing. But there’s so much going on inside of you, things I can’t touch with my hands, things that keep you chronically injured.

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